Nail Services


The Sanctuary Spa Combo

Includes the Sanctuary Spa Manicure and Sanctuary Spa Pedicure


Eco-Fin  Treatment

Provides your hands or feet with a luxurious and nourishing deep heat treatment that soothes and hydrates your hands or feet. Leaving your skin soft and smooth.


The Sanctuary Salon and Spa Manicures

Natural Manicure 

Executive Manicure

No Chip Manicure

French Manicure

Hot Mitts Manicure

with heat that penetrates deep into the muscles and leaves your hands silky, soft and relaxed.


Sanctuary Spa Manicure

A manicure is the remedy for dry, flaky, chapped hands. Nails are shaped, followed by soaking in warm oil to soften cuticles. Next, comes a skin renewing and soothing exfoliation treatment with hydrating paraffin, ending with a relaxing hand massage, using a rich emollient creme revealing silky, rejuvenated, healthy skin and nails. Nails are then finished off with the perfect nail lacquer color.


Cuticle Clean Up

For those on the go, this is for you. Nails are shaped, cuticles are cleaned up after soaking in warm conditioning water, followed by nourishing, moisturizing cuticle oil, and finish with one coat of nail strengther which dries in less than a minute.


The Sanctuary Salon and Spa Pedicures

 Mini Pedicure

express, file, cuticles, polish


Maintenance Pedicure

A warm soak, nails are shaped, followed with a conditioning scrub, a massage wit hydrating lotion and finished off with the perfect mail lacquer color.



 Sanctuary Spa Pedicure

An essential oil soak, nails are shape, followed by lavender marine sea salt scrub, hydrating masque wrapped in hot towels, massage with lavender and jojoba lotion, followed by your choice of nail lacquer color. Complimentary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage.