The Sanctuary Salon and Spa


200 Applebee Street, Barrington, IL 60010





Hair Services

Hair cut includes blow dry style

Men’s Cut                                                           from $30

Women’s Cut                                                      from $55

Children’s Cut (under 12)                                    from $22

Shampoo, Blow Dry Style                                   from $30

Special Occasion, Updo Style                             from $65


Hair Color Services

All color services include blow dry style

Color & Style                                                     from $80

Color, Cut & Style                                            from $100

Men’s Color                                                       from $40

Highlights & Style                                             from $120

Partial Highlights & Style                                  from $90

Double Process                                                  from $95

Color Correction                                      per consultation


Specialized Hair Services

Retexturize & style                                           from $90

Spiral                                                               from $130

Deep Conditioning Treatments                       from $25

Keratin Treatment                                   per consultation


All prices on any hair services may vary 

 based on length, thickness & condition of hair and stylist



 Spa Services (see Spa Service Menu)


30 Min Facial

40 Min Facial

60 Min Facial

90 Min Facial 

(Peel Included)

Relaxing Treatments


Make-Up Services                             per consultation

(see Spa Services Menu)



Wedding Application

Onsite Upcharge



Brow Tint                                                                       $20

Lash Tint                                                                        $25


The Sanctuary Salon and Spa

Our mission is to nurture the personal well being of our guests. We believe it is our responsibility to offer exceptional, personalized customer service with a staff that is highly knowledgeable, pleasant and responsive to our clients’ needs. Our goal is to provide every guest a satisfying enjoyable, and relaxing visit every time.


Manicure Services

Natural Manicure                                                         $18

Executive Manicure                                                     $15

Shellac no chip manicure                                            $ 35



Paraffin Dip                                                                $10

French on any manicure                        addl.             $5


Sanctuary Spa Manicure                                          $35

The Sanctuary Spa Manicure is the remedy for dry, flaky, chapped hands. Nails are shaped, followed by soaking in warm oil to soften cuticles. Next, comes a skin renewing and soothing exfoliation treatment with hydrating paraffin, ending with a relaxing hand massage, using a rich emollient crème revealing silky, rejuvenated, healthy skin and nails. Nails are then finished off with the perfect nail lacquer color.


Cuticle Clean Up         15 min.                                  $ 12

Women on the go, this is for you.  Nails are shaped, cuticles are cleaned up after soaking in warm conditioning water, followed by nourishing, moisturizing cuticle oil, and finished with one coat of nail strengthener which dries in less than a minute. 


Pedicure Services

Mini Pedicure    express   30 min.                             $30

File, cuticles, polish

Maintenance Pedicure                                              $40

Start with a warm soak, nails are shaped, followed with a conditioning scrub, a massage with hydrating lotion (scented or non-scented) and finished off with the perfect nail lacquer color.


Sanctuary Spa Pedicure                                            $ 60

Start with an essential oil soak, nails are shaped,  followed by lavender marine sea salt scrub,  hydrating masque wrapped in hot towels, massage with lavender and jojoba lotion, followed by your choice of nail lacquer color. Complimentary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage.

Sanctuary Spa Combo                                               $ 90

Sanctuary Spa Manicure & Sanctuary Spa Pedicure.


Eco-Fin Treatment                                                     $15               

French on any Pedicure                  addl.                     $5


Waxing Services

Lower Lip                                                                                 $10

Upper Lip                                                                                 $10

Eyebrows                                                                                  $15

Chin                                                                                          $10

Face                                                                                          $40

Neck                                                                                          $10

Underarm                                                                                $25

Chest                                                                                         $30

Bikini                                                                                        $30

Full Leg                                                                                    $50

Half Leg                                                                                    $30

Arm                                                                                           $40

Half Arm                                                                                 $25

Back                                                                                         $40

Brazilian                                                                                 $50

Feet/Toes                                                                               $10



All services and prices are subject to change.